Finding the right dog

             The first thing you need to do is to research what dog breed is right for you and your family. Here are the questions you should ask yourself: what size of dog do you want? What breed do you want? Do you want an expensive dog or a cheaper dog?


                                   How to take care of your puppy

You need to feed your puppy the right kind of food. you have to give it water. You need to take it outside so it can do its business. And it needs to be walked every day.

                                            Training your puppy

First you teach your  puppy to pee outside

Next you need to teach your puppy to only chew toys 🦴🦴 not your furniture or shoes or socks 🧦 you also need to train it to sit and walk properly on a leash

                                    Having fun with your puppy

You need to play with your puppy a bunch and you can snuggle with its dog you can run around white them and you and your dog  🐶 will have a great time and you will get a stronger bond with your dog 

                                      Why dogs make good pets

Because they are cute and they are nice and they are adorable they help you get exercise and they make you feel better

And they love ❤️ you they are attached to you and they are The best and I love 🐶 dogs












7 Replies to “Dogs”

  1. Sandi

    Nice blog! Do you think you can train your puppy to play Fortnite? Can’t wait to see the tricks you will teach him!

  2. ghostrider1

    i love dogs

  3. Liam

    Hi Ghost Rider,
    I loved your blog because it will convince my dad to get a dog!!!

    Blue Energy

  4. David

    Hi Ghost Rider,
    I’m really happy you did a doggie blog post and the dog picture was so cute,
    I love dogs a lot.
    From David

  5. jbennett31

    Hi Ghostrider,
    I loved your blog and you are right that what you said about the dogs.
    I think it is great advice about buying a dog.
    Animal Lover

  6. Kayla

    Hi Ghost Rider,
    I like your blog
    I learned more about dogs 🐕
    Could u tell me some dog breeds?I look forward to reading more!
    From Saturn

  7. Reader Girl

    I love your blog! Are you going to convince your mom to get a dog?
    I can not wait to see more of your posts.
    Reader Girl


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