Innovation Day

Problem: Can I build a parade float that can hold 100g and travel 50 cm.?

Hypothesis: I think I can build a float that can 100 g and travel  more than 50 cm.


Materials:First  you need lots of cardboard,hot glue, tape,wheels,bamboo sticks and scissors ✂️ 



  1. Step one you need to get a flat piece of cardboard and 4 wheels
  2. You need to get the bamboo sticks and you need to put the wheel on the bamboo stick
  3. and then you hot glue the bamboo stick onto the flat piece of cardboard

You make design of the top of the float and then once you make the design of the top part of the float you need to hot glue the top onto the flat piece of cardboard and then you just test it if it does what you wanted then you are done ✅


Results: My float held 100g and it traveled 200cm with a little nudge.



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