personal recount

Hello my name is Ghostrider.

I made a personal recount if you don’t know what a recount is it is a series of events that happened to you in chronological order.




This summer I went to Wilderness Tours for three days. I drove to get there with my parents.  Wilderness Tours is in Foresters took an hour and 25 minutes to get there. At Wilderness Tours, I went white water kayaking with my Dad. It was really fun. Before I went white water kayaking with my dad, we prepared by getting a bathing suit. We were in a 2 person kayak. It was my first time in a 2 person kayak. We had a tour guide who showed us where to go. I saw rocks there and at one point, we had to get out and walk the kayak to get to the rapid. When we got to the rapids, it was crazy but not too hard to control. The rapids were my favourite part of the day. I was excited! I hope I can go again.


This is a picture of a visual recount storyboard

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  1. hermione18

    Hi Ghost Rider
    I love your storyboard look`s great.Can you tell me where Wilderness Tours is? Love animals and I want to vist Wilderness Tours.

    1. ghostrider1


  2. quicksilver1

    Wow I bet that was a lot of fun I went to this same place and also did something like this great blog post!


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