Innovation Day

HI WORLD. I was asked to build a medieval castle with a working draw bridge for Innovation Day.

Castles are made for defense, sometimes castles have some holes in the walls for archer’s to shoot through. Castles are made also as a home for the king. Sometimes castles would have guests. Castles have weapons and food storage in the walls.

Draw bridges are made to keep enemies out and let others in.  Draw bridges are also made as regular bridges. Draw bridges are also to protect the castle. Draw bridge are usually made over moats. Click here for a video of how draw bridges work


Knights are elite soldiers. You would need to be wealthy to be a knight. Knights have heavy duty armor. Knights rode on horses. Knights had swords and shields. Knights would fight a lot because its there job.

Lords vs Serfs

Lords usually have nice clothes, nice houses and enough food and water. Serfs don’t have enough food don’t have nice clothes a bad house and have to grow crops for the king. Kings get to control mostly everything that serfs do. Lords have privelaged lives they got to learn to read and things like that.


This is my hypotheses for my drawbridge:



First I got a box and and cut a hole in it for the drawbridge, then I put a stick in the cardboard to connect the wall and drawbridge, then I hot glued a box on top of the original box and put a bed and a king’s throne. Here is my video explaining in detail:

Here I am building the front of my castle ready to add the drawbridge:




Self reflection

If I did this project again I would do something similar, I was pretty happy with what I made. Maybe I would try and make it look nicer next time and take more time with my painting. Also, I would also improve the drawbridge. In my opinion my castle was nice but not perfect

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