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Have you ever had a class that did not listen? If you had a class pet the kids would listen. Hi im Noah, Ms. M and Grade 4 students. I’ll give you three reasons why classes should have a class pet. A dog or a fish would help teach the kids responsibility because they have lots of needs A dog or a fish would help cheer the kids up by being cute.

The dog or fish would help motivate the kids to learn by being near them.


Did you know Having a pet actually reduces stress by 70%? Do you think every class should have a dog or a fish? I think every class should have a dog because a dog is a man’s best friend. A dog or fish would cheer up the class too. 


Main Body Paragraph 1 –  My first point is that having a pet would teach the kids responsibility. 92% of teachers saw an increase of self esteem in the kids.Pets need to be taken care of well by being given the correct amount of attention. My dog requires a lot of attention like 35 minutes in the morning, 45 minutes in the middle of the day and at night  30 minutes. Teachers can teach the kids about taking care of other things plus  the teacher can assign tasks for the students to do. For Example, giving the animal food or water, playing with the animal for a few minutes. It could teach the kids life skills that teachers cannot teach. So this is one reason why it is important to have a class pet. A class pet  would make the kids so much more responsible. When you are older and have to take care of something like a pet or a baby. Personally my dog made me a lot more responsible. 


Main Body Paragraph 2 –

My second point is a dog or fish would cheer up the kids. Did you know that 93% of teachers saw a decrease in anxiety. It gives them something exciting to expect every day in the class so they’re excited to go to school. Animals make the class more excited to learn by being there and cheering them on. Research shows that dogs trigger cortisol and oxytocin which triggers a hormone that increases trust. When I’m feeling down my dog always cheers me up. I’d love school so much more if we had a class pet. Animals always cheer me up and make me happy.


Main Body Paragraph 3 – 

The pet would motivate the kids. Did you know that 78% of teachers saw an attendance improvement. The pet will make the classroom more calm and peaceful. Animals are known to help keep the kids calm during panic attacks. The pet would motivate the kids to work because the kids would have a reason to want to go to school and learn. If we had a pet in our class I would be more motivated to work and learn. Personally I would be excited to come to class and the teacher could let the kids be with the pet when they are done they’re work.



Every class needs a class pet! They help cheer kids up, motivate them and teach them responsibility. Kids don’t need friends if they have a class pet. Plus the pet would calm the students. Pets in the classroom provide peace and calm. Plus thy’re fun furry friends. So Ms M  you should get a class pet today if you want to see class behavior improve, grade happiness rise and for all students to attend each and every day… you know what to do!


Have a good day  !

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