public speaking reflection

Hi world! This is my public speaking reflection.

My speech was  about why every class should have a class pet.

The area i found most challenging was presenting.

What I  enjoyed:

I enjoyed finishing my presentation because I was very stressed while I was presenting. There wasn’t anything else I specifically enjoyed.

What I didn’t enjoy:

I didn’t enjoy presenting because I have stage fright, so I feel very nervous presenting to big groups.

I didn’t like how much I had to practice for public speaking.


What I would do differently next time:

Next time I would probably chose a more useful topic. I would also add more detail and practice more. I will also try to find a way to get more comfortable in front of big crowds.


What I found easy: There wasn’t much easy about public speaking and preparing for it.



It was very hard for me to practice, because I’m not good at speaking loudly and enthusiastically.

I also didn’t like practicing because my parents gave me too much feedback and it made me stressed. It was hard not to speak to fast and to stop mumbling and when I did this, my parents couldn’t understand me.

It was hard to come up with ideas for what topic I should do my speech on. Plus, its very hard for me to include enough information.







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